# Introduction

In the Settings view, you can view and modify your default settings.

version: 1
  ip: studio.cnr.ai
  port: 443
# neurals:
#   - ip:
#     port: 8090
    region: unknown
    trainingKey: unknown
    engine: unknown
    region: unknown
    accessKey: unknown 
    secret: unknown
    token: unknown

By default, neurals is disabled meaning that the cloud-based neural engine accelerator will be used. You can download EdgeAI App from App Store and connect to the app to accelerate the performance of Studio.

# api

The key api specifies the API server address.

Key Description
ip IP address
port Port number, usually 80, 443 or 8888
protocol Protocol, either http or https, default to https

You can direct to your Business, Enterprise API servers or your own edge devices.


If you connect to an edge device, you should explicitly define protocol: http as most of the edge devices do not equip with HTTPS.


Unless you know and understand what api means, do not change values under this key.

# neurals

The key neurals specifies the neural engine address.

Key Description
ip IP address
port Port number, usually 8090

When a host is specified, it is assumed that the host is communicated via HTTP not HTTPS.

# engine

The key engine speifies the various third-party engine settings.

To use Azure Custom Vision, you should specify the region and training key like below.

    region: japaneast
    trainingKey: 99a0bdf2-c3b0-4e85-a6a3-0d3caac488ff