# Introduction

Pipelines can be executed in a browser or, in a designated edge device or app. Two different deployment modes use two different sets of API for integration. Requests can be reached to a JavaScript or Python block.

Webhook is also provided as a block. When a JSON object with a non-null value of key value is sent to the Webhook block, a web request will be triggered according to the properties set in the block.

# Executing in browser

When the pipeline is being edited in the browser, Studio actively connects to the API server. On the right-hand side in the toolbar, the API connectivity icon shows whether the API server is connected.

Once Studio is connected to the API server, you can make a request to the pipeline directly. The browser must be kept running, otherwise the pipeline cannot be reached.

# Executing in an EdgeAI-compatible device

In non-Community version, pipeline can be deployed to a designated EdgeAI-compatible device. Pipeline can then be executed independent of Studio. See more details here.

# Executing in an iOS device

Pipeline can also be executed in an iOS device. You can download EdgeAI App from App Store to iPhone or iPad. In the app, you can open and edit the pipelines that are developed by the community. However, you cannot save the modified pipelines at the moment.

Business and Enterprise users can also enjoy this feature.


The iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad can be used as an edge device. However, we only offer accesssibility to the Community pipelines. If you are interested in using iOS devices for your Business or Enterprise accounts, please contact our sales for early preview.